Leak sealing

Technology that maximises the operating time

Sealing leaks during operation means that leaks are sealed without any need to stop the production, resulting in large savings for industry. By keeping the production running, contaminated and volatile emissions to the environment are reduced. Sealing leaks during operation also means that the useful life of the production plant’s components is lengthened.

Continuous development of new technology

Today, DENSIQ is working with well documented risk analyses and procedures for each operation. This concerns calculations and drawings of tools as well as many sorts of compound for various chemicals, pressures and temperatures. For reasons of quality and safety, all sealing work is performed by certified technicians.
All the technology used today for sealing leaks is based on a solution that DENSIQ was involved in creating. In principle, we deal with all problems that concern leaks: leaks of steam, water, hydrocarbons and gas (including more than 300 chemicals), at low temperatures, at high temperatures, with vacuum, with high pressure.”

Technical information