Vally-Matic now VM Kompensator A/S

Vally-Matic now VM Kompensator A/S

Satisfied owners

On 22.03.2017 we transferred from Vally-Matic ApS to VM Kompensator A / S.

The owners Gitte Nedergaard and Michael Moustgaard have been looking forward to this since its launch almost 2 years ago. With its own production of Expansion Joints and a service unit, we are now geared to the very big …

We work on our dealer network abroad. The focus will be on Scandinavia and Europe. We are always ready to make an offer on inquiry’s.

In this context, we have hired Kim Rud as Technical Sales Manager. Kim comes from a position as Technical Sales Manager from Willbrandt Gummiteknik A / S where he has been responsible for the sales organization, compensators sales, KAM for Wind and Marine (including scrubber).