Fabric Expansion Joints

Expansions joints

VM Kompensator A/S has been a manufacturer of flexible solutions for air and flue gas for over 30 years. Our product range was extended in 2008, to include fabric Expansion Joints, rubber Expasnion Joints and steel expansion joints.

These products are used to absorb thermal extensions, vibrations and assembly shifts in channel and piping systems. Fabric compensators can be designed to work at temperatures ranging from -40 to 1000°C. Areas of application can be clean air to aggressive flue gases.

We only use raw materials from internationally-recognised suppliers. Fabric mounted on steel units ensure rapid and correct installation in channel systems. Used in high temperature and high air speed environments, and applications where the air has a high dust content. Designed with static or dynamic skirt, which prevents ingress of dust particles into the insulation and the compensator. Designed for operating temperatures ranging from -40 to + 1000°C.

We also supply steel expansion joints, rubber compensators and Teflon and glass fibre seals.

Fabric Expansion Joints

Vi forhandler også stålkompensatorer, gummikompensatorer, teflon- og glasvævspakninger.