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  • VM Kompensator A/S - Børsen Gazelle 2020

  • Committed to Superior Quality and Best Results

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VM Kompensator A/S is a strong team with many years of experience in the design and construction of compensators and expansion joints. We aim to provide the best quality compensators and expansion joints, using fabrics, steel and rubber and at prices that match our quality and delivery reliability.

Our range includes all types of compensators, ranging from small simple flex connectors, to expansion joints for incineration plants, conventional installations, desulfurisation, chemical plants, cement works, coal processing plants and gas turbines. You will find further details under “sectors”.

We have a broad range of activity in the supply and installation of compensators and expansion joints for all types of plants and installations and we also repair worn and defective channel systems.

Our service team is available for callout 365 days a year, by agreement.