Annual Sustainability Report

We are proud to release our first Annual Sustainability Report, showing our commitment to environmental impact, social responsibility, and ethical governance. This year, we’ve achieved significant milestones such as reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency and enhancing community engagement.

This report not only highlights our accomplishments but also sets goals for the coming year, as we want to continue to develop a strong sustainability drive within our group.

Read more at DENSIQ Groups sustainability page here.

A leak is a waste of resources. Every day, DENSIQ Group focuses on how to solve our customers’ challenges with leaks by either preventing them from happening or stopping them when they occur. In doing so, we help our customers improve their sustainability performance. At the same time, we must consider how our operations impact people and environment and it´s crucial that we have the ambition to impact health, safety, environment and quality positively, thus taking care of our resources and never stop improving.